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Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop like never before with Goshly's Next-Generation Website Builder. Our proprietary technology provides an open canvas for building your website. As easy as sketching on a whiteboard.

100+ Stunning Themes

Goshly themes are intricately designed to match the latest styles and trends. All themes have gone through a rigorous design and testing process to ensure they are the best of class in any industry.

Fully Responsive Websites

All Websites built on Goshly are fully Responsive. This means your Website will look great on Mobile, Tablets or any size screen. ONE Website for ALL Devices.

Fully Customizable

Absolutely any element can be edited with Goshly's tools. This includes quick settings and more advanced features to customize your website however you want.


Goshly is hosted at World Class Data Center - Rackspace. Multiple servers with full redundancy. All websites are backed-up nightly. Goshly also uses the latest security software to protect websites against hackers or other threats.

Domain & Email

If you already have a Domain name, quickly point it using our step by step wizard. PLUS and PRO plans come with a free Domain Name and 10 Email Boxes. If you already have a domain and/or Email, everything remains exactly as is and nothing needs to change.

APP Marketplace

Add your favorite APPS, such as MailChimp, Google Analytics, Instagram Feed or any other. Simply drag the APP you want to add onto any page.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Goshly is integrated with the Amazon Cloudfront CDN. Their CDN caches your website at servers all over the world. Ensures lightning fast load times globally.

Website Analytics

Built-in analytics that automatically track multiple metrics on your Website. Unique/Page views, Referrals, Geographic locations, time on site and many more! Google Analytics plugin also available.


Image / Color Backgrounds

Stunning image full page/row backgrounds. Simply upload an image and it will be resized accordingly. Advanced lossless compression built-on to keep your pages lighting fast.

Video Backgrounds

Beautiful full screen video Backgrounds. Upload your video and it will automatically resize with lossless compression.

Rotating Image Backgrounds

Easily add rotating image backgrounds to any page. Choose from Multiple transition effects.

Parallax / One Page

Design cutting-edge Parallax/One-Page websites. Advanced settings to easily point sections to menu links. Show Parallax down-arrows as well as bullets to scroll to each section.

Page Transition Effects

Give your Website the WOW factor with several page transition effects. Slide-in vertically/horizontally/flip and many more!

Social Sharing

Advanced Social Sharing tools. Simply choose which of your Pages you want to share and will automatically format pinned to the left/right side of the page. Visitors just click on any of the Social icons and share easily and quickly.

Image Editor

Built-in Image editor to add Instagram style effects, crop, add text, filters and many more!

Image Effects

Add roll-over, lightbox and pop-out effects to any images. Choose from multiple in/out effects.

Password Protected Pages

Secure any page with a password.

HTML / CSS Editor

For Advanced Users - Quickly edit CSS/HTML in editor provided.

Text Editor

Inline Word style text editor. Simply double-click any text to edit.

Right-Click Settings

Access Quick settings by right clicking on any elements.

Stock Photos

Beautiful library of FREE Stock Photos. Browse library directly in Website Builder and choose any photos you want.

Full Width Rows

Goshly's proprietary algorithms allows fixed or full-width Rows which automatically result in responsive layouts. This is a next-generation feature as other Website Builders require designing within a fixed 'play-box'.

Above the Fold

Above the Fold' is an important feature to attain pixel-perfect design. Enabling Above the Fold on any row means it will show on any size screen without any vertical scroll required.

Copy Page

Copy any page by simply clicking COPY PAGE and entering new page name.

Global Settings

Backup / Restore

Backup / Restore your Preview or Published website at any time!

Typography /Fonts

Settings to choose the main font size/type/Line-Height/style/family. Easily add Google Analytics tracking too!

Embed External Scripts

Embed external Scripts in Header / Footer. For example, embed tracking scripts or external APPS.


Add a Favicon - the tiny logo that appears next to your address in the URL bar.

Fixed Elements


Bottom Band which can be turned on/off to show Copyright Info.


Beautiful footer Layouts with the latest Design and Styling.


Create any type of header easily, choose to show on all pages or just a single page.


Add a graphic or a text-based logo. Option for 'fixed width' to show the same size on all screens.

Menu Navigation

Advanced Menu Builder to create any type of Menu - Dropdowns, Multi Column with a ton of style settings. Rollover, Active State, Fonts, Spacing and much more!

Top Band

Top Band which can be turned on/off. This is especially nice for Ecommerce Stores to show Search and Quick-Cart Dropdown.


Block Quote

Add Block Quotes for testimonials or any type of Quotes.


Advanced button Builder, customize Style, Border, Thickness, Width, Font/Typgraphy & more.


Add Dividers with multiple settings, including Width, Style & Thickness.



Add heading and customize Font, Typography and Style.

Horizontal Line

Add Horizontal Lines with multiple settings, including Width, Style & Thickness.


Add a Single Icon and choose from Huge library of over 50K+ icons. Advanced settings to add text and align in any position with icons. Color, Size, style settings.

Icon Group

Huge library of over 50K+ icons to choose from. Advanced settings to add text and align in any position with icons. Color, Size, style settings.


Upload Images and store and in customizable folders. Drag handles to increase/decrease size. Automatically Responsive with lossless compression!

Image Thumbnail

Upload an image image thumbnail with best size settings.

Info List

Add a list that is nicely formatted with bullets or other format settings.

Jumbo Text Box

Add a beautiful large Jumbo Text box to showcase headlines or any text you want to stand out.


Add new Rows with easy Drag and Drop placement. Copy any Rowand drag to re-order.


Easily add Tables with Multiple Rows/Columns, fully customizable.


Add Text Boxes with inline editor with multiple controls, including Links, Paragraph Styles, Style Settings, Font Family. Settings to add backgrounds/ borders to text boxes.

Vertical Line

Add Vertical Lines with multiple settings, including Width, Style & Thickness.

Goshly Apps

Banner Builder

Advanced Banner Builder to create beautiful banners with tons of transition effects and custom styling.


State of the art blogs. Multiple Layouts, including Columns and Masonry. Settings to choose what shows in Blog Sidebar, including Subscribe to Blog, Social Sharing, Categories, Latest Comments and more. Choose to 'Feature' Blogs which shows latest blogs in small format to feature on homepage or any other page. Add Video or Photo Galleries to any post.


Calendar to show events or any other info. Multple style settings.


Accordion style FAQ's. Easily add FAQ through a form input, customize colors, fonts & style.

Form Builder

Advanced Drag & Drop Form Builder. Choose from tons of field options including Dropdowns, Radio Buttons, Dates, Birthday, Upload Files and much more!


Present your latest News/Press in nicely formatted style. Add new entries using a form input, fully customizable.

Newsletter/Email Marketing

Advanced Email Marketing Suite - no longer the need to manage Newsletter/Email Marketing using Third Party Software, Choose from clean and beautiful Marketing Themes, Advanced Analytics and much more. Plugins to add any Third-Party Email Marketing Software - MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc.

Quick Contact Form

Quick Contact Form with multiple style settings.


Advanced Search technology. Add a Search field anywhere on your Website. Automatically spiders Website content with auto-complete option.


Advanced Tabs Builder - create Horizontal / Vertical Tabs. Fully customizable, including Colors, Font, Transition Effects, Typography, Layout & Style.

Content Rotator

Content Rotator which rotates for good use of space. For example, add Rotating Testimonials. Fully customizable, including Colors, Font, Transistion Effects, Typography, Layout & Style.


Audio Gallery

Showcase multiple songs/music or any type of audio in an Audio Gallery format. Options to upload audio from Soundcloud and YouTube. Also allows Podcasts.

Audio Player

Showcase any type of audio with a state of the art Audio Player. Options to upload audio from Soundcloud and YouTube.


Stunning FlipBook Gallery to showcase a presentation in a book flipping format.

Inline Expanding Thumbnails

Inline Expanding gallery - on click of thumbnail, screen rolls down with more info. Use Images/Video & Audio.

Multi-Layout Grid

Beautiful Gallery to show thumbnails in grid format - vertically or horizontally. Multiple Layout with tons of settings. Use Images/Video & Audio.

Multi-Layout Portfolio

Thumbnail Portfolio Gallery w/ multiple Layouts - full screen slide-in, Lightbox. Use Images/Video & Audio.

Multi-Layout Carousel

Stunning Carousel Gallery with multiple layouts. Carousel Galleries are a great use of space on any website. Use Images Video & Audio.

Multi-Layout Sliders

Show Slider Galleries that open full screen. Multiple Layouts and Settings. Use Images/Video & Audio.

Video Gallery

Showcase multiple videos in a Video Gallery format, showing clips in a horizontal/vertical layout. Play your video/audio in HD and choose to either upload or pull directly from YouTube or Vimeo.

Video Player

Beautiful HD Video Player. Play your video/audio in HD and choose to either upload or pull directly from YouTube or Vimeo.


External Content

Google Map

Embed A Google Map showing your business location. Multiple location and style settings.

HTML snippet

Embed any HTML snippet by simply pasting codein field provided.

JavaScript snippet

Embed any Javascript snippet by simply pasting code in field provided.

Twitter Feed

Embed your Twitter feed by simply entering Twitter username. Multiple Style and display settings.

Instagram Feed

Embed your Instagram feed by simply entering Twitter username. Multiple Style and display settings.

External Apps

Add your favorite APPS, such as MailChimp, Google Analytics, Instagram Feed or any other. Simply drag the APP you want to add onto any page.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Page Title

Add Google friendly Titles to any page.

Upload Sitemaps

Upload XML Sitemaps to let Google know to index new pages.

Page Description

Add Google friendly descriptions to any page.

Upload Robots.txt

Add Robot files (If required) which tells Google pages it should/should not index.

SEO (Google) Keywords

Add relevant keywords to any page.

Ecommerce Themes

Responsive Store Themes

Stunning Ecommerce Themes, rival the biggest brands on the web! Designed with all the latest Ecommerce trends and styles.


Dashboard View

Dashboard view gives all the Reports and Analytics need to see how your store is performing. Know how shoppers are finding you and how marketing efforts are working or can be improved. Including traffic breakdown, Revenue Reports, keywords clicked from Google/Bing, referral websites. Full Sales Reports, Conversion Reports, Cart Abandonment Rates and much more!


Quick View

Quick View setting shows button for visitors to open a product as a lightbox overlay window for a fast checkout experience.


Customers can quickly add products they like to a wishlist to purchase at any time.

Product Detail Pages

Cutting Edge Product Page Design. Choose from multiple layout, including Columns, Full Width, Font/Typography, Quick Links.

Product Images/Videos

Upload Product Images with multiple size settings. If your products display better with Video, simply upload and will automatically format and play.

Product 3D View

Show your products in spectacular 3D rotating view. Products rotate showing multiple angles, especially good for Fashion Stores.

Related Products

Show Related Products at the bottom of any individual Product, great way to cross-sell and get more orders.

Product Options

Show Product Options, such as Size & Colors in various ways. Dropdown fields, Radio Buttons, Input Lists and Color Swatches, whereby users click on a swatch color and the product will show in that color.

Digital Products

Sell any type of Digital Products, such as Music, Ebooks or Paid Content.

Product Filters

Show Filters in the left sidebar or at the top of Product Listing Pages. Choose filters to show, including Price, Brands, Product Groups and more.

Product Search Groups

Group Products together to be searchable. For Example, group all products as 1 brand which will show as a search filter 'Brands".

Product Tags

Add tags to products that show nicely on the corner of images, i.e. HOT, SALE, COUPON, etc.


Create Categories/Sub Categories that Products go under. Sort Categories, control Font/Typography, add Banners created in Website Builder to the top of Category Pages. Settings to show how Categories display in left sidebar.

Featured Products

Check Products as 'Featured' and simply drag the 'featured product' widget on any page. Great for showcasing products on homepage or any other static pages. Control what buttons go with featured products - ADD TO CART, QUICK VIEW, MORE DETAILS, etc.

Multi Product Update

Update important Product info on one page. Quickly change Price, Inventory, etc.

Best Selling Products

Check Products as 'Best Seller' and simply drag the 'Best Seller' widget on any page. Great for showcasing products on homepage or any other static pages. Control what buttons go with featured products - ADD TO CART, QUICK VIEW, MORE DETAILS, etc.

Bulk Import

Bulk Import Wizard to upload a large amount of products in an excel document.

Recurring/Subscription Products

Sell Subscription Products with recurring charges. Set how often customers are billed - Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Yearly, Yearly, etc. Option to set one-time sign-up charges.

Product Search

Powerful Product search which automatically spiders all Store data. Allows auto-complete for visitors to quickly find what they are searching for.


Control your Product Inventory, including Product Options, such as Colors & Sizes.

Product Reviews

Customers can leave Reviews. Settings to require Login and/or Admin approval.

Store Settings / Design


No matter what Country you reside in, you can create a Goshly Store. Add any currency and use the automatic currency converter to display real-time rates.


Multiple Tax settings. Set Taxes by State/Counties. Full International Tax Settings.

Inquiry Cart

Setting to choose an 'Inquiry Cart'. This mode allows customers to check-out by filling out an inquiry form rather then paying in real-time. For example, Distributors and Manufacturers who wish to display their products and have customers send inquiries.

Minimum Quantity per Order

Setting to choose minimum product quantity required to place an order.

Left Panel

Product Listing pages have a left panel which contain Categories, Search, etc. Settings to choose what shows in the left panel or to not show the left panel at all.

Wholesale Mode

Wholesale Mode allows Admin to add wholesale pricing to products. Choose to display wholesale rates by individual product or levels of percentage discount.

Featured Products / Best Sellers Layout

Multiple Settings to display Featured Products / Best Sellers. Choose quantity that show, order displayed and multiple style settings.

Store Buttons

Customize ADD TO CART and CHECKOUT buttons - size, color, fonts & Button Shape.

Product Listing Page Layout

Multiple layout options for Product Listing Pages. Portrait/Landscape thumbnail orientation, Image Sizes, Borders, Background color, QuickView, Discounts and more.

Product Detail Page Layout

Choose features to show on Product Detail Pages. Thumbnails to the left or below product images, Social Share / follow buttons and more.

Product Thumbnail Layout

Multiple settings for product thumbnails. Landscape / Portrait, background color. Simply upload images at recommended size and they will automatically be downsized to look consistent across all products.

Search Filter Layout

By enabling Search Filters, they will automatically generate and show either in the left panel or a the top of Product Listing Pages. Filters include: Filter by Category, by Price, by Brand and by Options.

Social Share / Follow

Choose which Social Sharing buttons to show. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and more!

Categories Layout

Choose Categories layout by column and how many categories to show on a page.

Store Font Settings

Select default fonts for categories and products.

Checkout Settings

Choose One page Checkout, Registration Required or both.

Reviews & Ratings

Choose if reviews require login and if admin approval is required before posting.

Customer Payments

Payment Gateways

Choose from a large library of Payment Gateways to process Credit Card Orders. Including Square, Stripe, Paypal Standard, PayPal Pro, • B of A • Wells Fargo, International Gateways and many more. No transaction fees are charged by Goshly, we are committed to your success and don't believe in charging fees on top of what your Gateway already charges. View all Payment Gateways here.

SSL 256 Bit Security

The latest SSL security for your Store. Your customers data is encrypted and safe to enter during checkout. No Credit Cards are ever stores on our Servers and always remain on the Payment Gateway secure servers.

Custom SSL Certificates

Custom SSL Certificates are optional. You can add your own SSL, so checkout pages will only show your domain and not 'Goshly' on checkout pages.

PCI Compliance

Goshly is fully PCI Compliant. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of requirements designed to ensure that ALL companies that process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment.


Easily access all orders for quick fulfillment. Search by Order#, Customer Name or Date. Add notes to Orders and enter tracking numbers so customers can track their package online. Set which Admin Email(s) receive Order Confirmations.


Customers can checkout quickly on a One Page checkout as a guest or require registration.

Mobile Stores

Mobile Menu

Beautiful Mobile Menus that rollout on Mobile Phones. Customers can quickly view Categories, Filters, Search and browse your store with ease.

Mobile Checkout Pages

Clean Checkout Page for customers to enter billing/shipping and payment info.


Quantity Discounts

Offer Quantity Discounts, example - buy X number of products - received X dollar/percentage discount.

Gift Certificates

Easily create Gift Certificates that are redeemable by gift recipients. Customers can order Gift Certificates and recipients simply enter the Gift Certificate # to redeem. Choose to set certificate to expire by date and if physical or e-card.

Shopping Feeds

Automatically create feeds to send to all the major Shopping Engines and get more exposure for your products. Submit feeds to Google Shopping, PriceGrabber, Amazon, Shopping, Yahoo Shopping & ShopZilla.


Create Affiliate Referrals which allow anyone to receive rewards for any orders they refer. Define % and Expiration rates.

Social Share

Choose which Social Share Icons go on Product Detail Pages. Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest and more.

Tell a Friend

Quick pop-up window for visitors to enter a friend's email w comment field and share Product(s).


One-Page Checkout

State of the art One-Page Checkout adhering to the latest Ecommerce standard. Customers enter their Billing and Shipping info on One Page which drastically decreased Cart Abandonment rate.

Order Confirmations

Automatic Order Confirmation Emails are sent as soon as successful transactions are processed. Customers receive all Order Details to their email. Easily edit the text and adjust as needed.

Email Notifications

Edit all Email Notification emails, including Orders, New Sign-ups, Shipping Tracking #'s, Gift Certificates, Recurring Orders, Digital Orders and more.


Real-Time Shipping Rates

Enable Real-Time Shipping using FedEx, UPS or USPS. Simply sign-up with the Carrier and enter Account details. Shipping Rates will automatically pull from the Carrier Rates. Rate settings include Size, Weight and Location. Add a Shipping Markup rate if required.

Custom Shipping Rates

Custom Shipping Rates for your Products. Setup Custom Shipping using Fixed Cost, Quantity or Weight. Allow First/Next Quantity Rates, e.g. For quantity 1 - Shipping Cost is $5, then $1 for each additional item ordered.


QuickBooks Export

Sync with your Desktop or Online Versions of QuickBooks avoiding time-consuming manual entries. Set what transactions are exported to QuickBooks, including Orders, Customers & Products.

Sales/Marketing Reports

Advanced Reports to quickly view Sales Numbers by Date & Product(s).