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Goshly is a next-generation responsive Website Builder and Ecommerce Cart, based in Los Angeles, CA. We started with the basic idea of architecting the platform so it worked like sketching on a whiteboard.

Our mission is to create a simple, efficient, leading-edge way for anyone to create beautiful, responsive Websites or Ecommerce Stores that display perfectly on all devices or any screen size - mobile, tablet, or desktop. With more people browsing the internet on Mobile devices than desktop, having a Website that automatically sizes on any device, is absolutely essential.

Our cutting-edge drag and drop technology allows you to control the movement and placement of elements without any technical knowledge whatsoever. This functionality results in building Websites intuitively, without resistance or restrictions. Designing a Website is a visual exercise; it shouldn't be restricted by a technical process that is clunky and unintuitive.

In order to achieve this simple yet sophisticated functionality, we had to build a proprietary responsive framework. Using Twitter Bootstrap as a base, we developed algorithms to dynamically plot grids in the background. As a result, any element can easily be dragged and dropped anywhere.

Our Ecommerce Cart has been developed over several years and the Website Builder integrates with GoshlyCart. Selling online requires telling a story. Who you are, your passions, why visitors should purchase your products. The pages outside your catalog are critical in telling this story. Goshly provides all the tools you need to do this the right way.

After a long road of development, we've built software that works well, and our team takes pride in it. Feel free to sign-up for a trial and see for yourself!

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